Thursday, 29 June 2017

"Eddie" M. Angerhuber Bibliography

Following my short essay "Eddie M. Angerhuber's Strange Visions", which appeared in Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls, here is an attempt at compiling the complete online bibliography of the works by this great author published in German and English. Please note that this is not an official bibliography - more of a work from an enthusiast and book collector willing to share this bibliographic information gathered while searching for Eddie's/Monika's often hard-to-find publications. Considering how obscure Angerhuber is becoming, I was compelled to prepare a bibliography of her works and share it on Confusio Linguarum so that to make it easier for others to track her works down.

Previously, a short printed bibliography of first publications by Angerhuber was released in the magazine Daedalos - Story Reader für Phantastik no. 10. I wasn't able to obtain a copy of this issue, therefore the following work is completely independent. 

Many of "Eddie" M. Angerhuber's works were published in obscure zines, which are long-time unavailable. German magazines, collections and anthologies frequently do not provide details of the original publication of included texts - in such cases I needed to rely on secondary publications: interviews, reviews and introductions.

The following is a list of websites that were particularly helpful in compiling this bibliography:

Bibliographie deutschsprachiger SF-Stories und Bücher, Usenet-Statistiken, Usenet-Archive und mehr:
Galactic Central:
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database:
Phantastische Texte - Listen, Titelbilder und Klappentexte:
Solar-X issues that I have obtained from the publisher proved to be a great resource. Big thanks to Wilko Müller for providing those!

The bibliography has a few gaps - I consider its status as work-in-progress. If you happen to identify a piece of work by Angerhuber that is not on the list or find any errors, please report them to me (email preferred). Your help will be appreciated.

"Eddie" M. Angerhuber Bibliography

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