Sunday, 25 December 2016

Ruinenlust: An Introduction #1

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Un Cadeau de Noël for Confusio Linguarum

This year's Christmas presents are spot on Confusio Linguarum gifts!

I also have something special for Confusio Linguarum. As mentioned in my previous post, next up on CL is the theme of Ruinenlust -  the feeling of being irresistibly drawn to crumbling buildings and abandoned places. My worries about the lack of materials for the blog are no longer valid, as I have decided to divide the next article into nine parts, which I will be posting on a weekly basis from now on. In the article (being more of a compilation of quotes, photography, videos related to the subject in question) I'll make a small introduction to Ruinenlust and trace its influence on some works of weird fiction, starting from the early Gothics up to modern masterpieces of the genre.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

December Update

I am still working on the "Eddie" M. Angerhuber bibliography, which already runs for over thirty pages. This bibliography will be comparable in length to the Thomas Ligotti bibliography we have prepared together with Mateusz Kopacz for the Polish edition of Teatro Grottesco, however due to the sheer obscurity of source material, it will take me at least two months before I manage to finish my work.

Based on the amount of posts until now, I estimate that in order to save time to prepare some quality material I will need to shift gears and make Confusio Linguarum "operational" every third week. I think the triweekly mode will serve as a good compromise between my passions and professional aspirations, both of which can be time-consuming.

Before I am ready with the bibliography I will post a comprehensive discussion of a particular sensation infrequently evoked by some works of literature and yet quite recognizable in numerous stories and novels of weird fiction: a feeling of being drawn to crumbling buildings and abandoned places. There is a little known German compound word for this feeling you most probably never heard of. More about it in my next post.