Friday, 23 June 2017

Grabiński reprint in Italy

For a couple of weeks I've been stuggling to find time for new posts. In the meantime, some great news from Andrea Bonazzi:

"Il villaggio nero, the first Italian collection by Stefan Grabiński, will be reprinted in the #13 issue of Urania Horror, Cerimonie nere, a wide-circulation volume distributed in newsstands in July 2017.
The book will contain the novel La città vampira (La Ville Vampire) by Paul Féval, the original collection Il villaggio nero by Stefan Grabiński, and the novel La cerimonia (The Croning) by Laird Barron. Also La cerimonia is a reprint of my own translation published a couple of years ago.
Urania is the best-selling science fiction magazine in Italy, published since 1952 by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. This will be probably the last issue in its horror series.
Cover art by Franco Brambillad.
A Kindle version will be available on Amazon in the first week of July."

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