Sunday, 23 October 2016

October Update

I still continue with my rediscovery of the works by "Eddie" M. Angerhuber. I have just managed to obtain another collection of hers: In Asmodis Haus Romantische Spukgeschichten. This book was published in 1997 by Goblin Press in a limited number of 100 copies. After 20 years it has become almost completely unobtainable and the fact that none of its contents (7 stories and an afterword by Angerhuber) were ever (and may never be) reprinted, makes it a valuable collector's item. I am very glad that I was able to secure a copy. I continue reading her stories in German and, once I am ready, I will provide some material about her works on CL. This will include an article about Angerhuber and the reception of her artistic output both in Germany and the English-speaking world and will be followed by an extensive bibliography of her works. Both should be ready for publication on CL in the first quarter of 2017.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Vexed Texture of Text - a conversation with the "poet fictioneer" D. F. Lewis

D. F. Lewis is a master storyteller, a unique voice in visionary literature with a distinctive and idiosyncratic prose style. His stories, rich in neologisms, sometimes seem to be written in another language, a language that imbues his writings with qualities that can only please readers with an acquired taste. Author of over 1,500 published stories, he is the winner of the British Fantasy Society Karl Edward Wagner Award. Apart from being a writer, he is also known as the editor of the magazine Nemonymous and as the creator of Gestalt Real-Time Reviews (published online as Des Lewis).
I first came across Lewis' works through Thomas Ligotti Online discussion board, one of the venues where he publishes his flash fiction pieces known as "thingies". From among many of his memorable coinages for words and expressions I am particularly fond of the term "ominous imagination", which I think is very close to "visionary literature" discussed on this blog.
Des has agreed to answer several questions, which I am honoured to publish on Confusio Linguarum. In a short conversation we have covered a number of subjects, some of which are in the scope of this blog's focus.