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"Eddie" M. Angerhuber Bibliography: Audio recordings

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Note: This section is dedicated to audio publications featuring stories and translations read by “Eddie” M. Angerhuber. Eddie/Monika is an accomplished narrator who has worked on four audio productions. Three of them were published by Bärenklau Verlag whilst “Das Nachtbuch” – a collaboration with her partner Thomas Wagner – was self-published.

Nocturne Produkte. 3 phantastische Erzählungen von E. M. Angerhuber
[Berlin: Bärenklau Verlag, April/May 2001]
[Audio book recording of 74 minutes, contains three stories by Angerhuber read by the author and by Thomas Wagner, accompanied by electronic soundtrack by Wagner: "Der blaue Stern"; "Das Produkt der Nacht"; "Die Zweite Treppe".]

Thomas Ligotti: Notebook of the Night. Exzerpte aus “Noctuary”
[Berlin: Bärenklau Verlag, 2002]
[Audio book recording of 72 minutes with cover illustrations by Rainer Schorm and electronic soundtrack by Thomas Wagner and, limited to 122 copies signed by Thomas Ligotti, contains eleven vignettes from "Noctuary" by Thomas Ligotti translated by Monika Angerhuber read by Angerhuber and Wagner: "Notebook Of The Night" (instrumental); "Neue Gesichter in der Stadt" ("New Faces In The City"), "Vielleicht träumt man" ("One may be dreaming"); "Herbstlich" ("Autumnal"); "Das Heilmittel" ("The Physic"); "Der Verlauf der Alpträume" ("The Career of Nightmares"); "Die Puppenmeister" ("The Puppet Masters"); "Der Dämonen-Mann" ("The Demon Man"); "Das namenlose Grauen" ("The Nameless Horror"); "Das gespenstige Anwesen" ("The Spectral Estate"); "Anrufung der Leere" ("Invocation To The Void"); "Die ewige Täuschung" ("The Eternal Mirage"); "The Eternal Mirage" (instrumental).]

The New Blackness - Vier rabenschwarze Geschichten
[Berlin: Bärenklau Verlag, November 2002]
[Audio book recording with cover illustrations by Rainer Schorm and electronic soundtrack by Thomas Wagner, contains four weird fiction stories by Thomas Ligotti, John B. Ford, Paul Bradshaw and Eddie M. Angerhuber with three stories translated into German by Angerhuber, read by Angerhuber and Wagner: "Geistergeschichten für die Toten" by Thomas Ligotti ("Ghost Stories for the Dead"); "Der Nacht-Träumer" by Paul Bradshaw ("The Night Dreamer"); "Die ewig fallende Klinge" by John B. Ford ("The Eternally Descending Blade"); "Mrs. Drasics Abschiedsfeier" John B. Ford and Eddie M. Angerhuber ("Mrs Drasic's Farewell Party").]

Das Nachtbuch
[Berlin: Angerhuber & Wagner, 2002]
[Audio book recording of ca. 70 minutes with illustrations designed by Angerhuber and photography by Lila G. Pahr, limited to 13 copes signed by Angerhuber and Thomas Wagner, contains two stories and three instrumental compositions by Wagner under his "das pst" project: Stories by Angerhuber: "Das Nachtbuch"; "Das Produkt der Nacht"; Compositions by Wagner: "Das Produkt der Nacht"; "Edgar's Theme"; "The Dancing Blade".]

(With huge thanks to Tobias for the copy of Thomas Ligotti: Notebook of the Night. Exzerpte aus “Noctuary”)

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