Monday, 17 July 2017

Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls - Table of Contents

I was recently asked about the table of contents of Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls by D. F. Lewis and myself and I realized that it is nowhere to be found online. Here it is:

-- D. F. Lewis --
Beyond the Balcony

Heavy Steps
Off the Bone
The End of the Pier
The Words That Said
Beyond the Balcony
Three Separate Tales of a Very Wet Ghost
The 3 Long Piggies of Trunk City
Rotted Freckles

-- Sławomir Wielhorski --
Vistas of Ruin and Decay:
A Ruinenlust Journey through Weird Fiction

A Note on This Series of Articles
An Introduction to Ruinenlust:
The Genesis of an Unusual Word
The Genesis of an Unusual Feeling
Experiencing Ruinenlust Through Visual Arts
The Journey:
From Gothic Fiction to Edgar Allan Poe
Remains of Prehistoric Sites, Ancient Cities and the Weird Tales Circle
Stefan Grabiński’s Mysterious Retreats
Ramsey Campbell’s Urban Squalor and Decay
Thomas Ligotti’s Balm of Bleakness
Eddie M. Angerhuber’s Strange Visions
Joel Lane’s Miserabilist Landscapes
Wojciech Gunia’s Mausolea of Disintegration
Ruinenlust: Envoi


  1. That's great Slawek! Amazing work! It must be translated and released in Poland! old weirdman

    1. Dziękuję za miłe słowa, old weirdman! Może jeszcze nadarzy się okazja by opublikować "Vistas of Ruin and Decay" po polsku. Czas pokaże! :)