Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Collected Fiction of D. F. Lewis

I am pasting this from elsewhere, to have all of  the "self-publications" in one place:

I hereby present a series of books I created (for personal use) back in 2008-09 collecting the stories by D. F. Lewis that formed, at the time, 99% of the impenetrable Weirdmoger Wheel. Being an obsessive collector, I gave the series the title "The Collected Fiction of D. F. Lewis," which obviously doesn't mean "complete". And indeed, it is obvious, it will never be possible to publish a complete collection of fiction by the author. Even my series from 2008-09 spans 10 volumes out of the planned 13. I still hope to find time one day to complete the three missing ones. Regardless of when this will happen (if ever), I thought it's about time I posted pictures of this collection on the thread that started it all.

Here are some details for those 10 volumes:
- total number of pages (A4, text in two columns): 2666
- table of contents of all volumes runs for 50 pages!
- volumes contain stories, novellas, novels and collaborations
- Peter Jeffery's comments to the novel "The Visitor" are printed as House-of-Leaves-styled footnotes and in HPLHS-Lovecraft Cursive font (I don't remember why I chose that particular font)

Not to mention the fact that the collection is quite impressive, really!

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