Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bibliography and Compilation of Blurbs by Thomas Ligotti

I have just published online my compilation of over 50 blurbs by Thomas Ligotti. This compilation is a small project I started while working on an extensive up-to-date bibliography of Thomas Ligotti’s works as bonus material for the Polish edition of Teatro Grottesco. I was expected to compile a list of English-language publications, whilst the translator Mateusz Kopacz was responsible for the list of publications that appeared in Poland.
My part of bibliography took over one and a half month to complete, some of its sections having been completed in Sicily while on vacation. Douglas A. Anderson, who worked on the previous comprehensive bibliography, that was printed in The Thomas Ligotti Reader and on Thomas Ligotti Online, allowed me to use his bibliography as reference in case of publications, to which I did not have access. Certainly, without his incredible effort as a bibliographer, my bibliography would be much poorer. I also owe thanks to bendk from TLO and Mirek Lipiński for their help. I was hoping to be able to include a list of Ligotti's contributions to the books in the literary criticism series of some authors who would be relevant to Ligotti's work, but in the end haven't managed to complete the list.
The final version of the bibliography that was published contains the following sections:

Publications by Thomas Ligotti
-Main publications
- Interviews
- Brochures
- Uncollected publications
- Special editions of magazines
- Other

Publications about and dedicated to Thomas Ligotti
- Printed Publications
- Online Publications

I opted against including sources of the blurbs in the bibliography and instead decided to post the full list online with each blurb as text. I have finally managed to complete the compilation (with a few gaps here and there). I was surprised to discover some books, I have never heard of, were recommended by Tom Ligotti (such as:  The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke and Tool by Peter Sotos).

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