Monday, 11 July 2016

Classic Horror Stories - multiligual omnibus collection

I prepared the following 16 (!) volumes back in 2006-07. They collect over 2000 stories and a few novels and novellas -  all of them considered classics of the gothic/horror genre.

This is a multi-ligual collection, with contents in English, German and French (making it very fitting for my confusio linguarum blog) collected from various sources including the now defunct Horror Master's website. The site is still available through web archive. The page count for all volumes is over 4100 pages.

These sturdy volumes are beautifully sewn A4-sized books of approx 260 pages, decorated with head and tail bands and red and white ribbons. 


The list of contents contains numerous photos/sketches of authors whose works are arranged A to O  by author's surname.

It took me over two years to prepare the contents and produce these volumes. The project was never completed and letters P-Z were never printed.

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