Saturday, 14 October 2017

The hidden guise of decay...

"Finally my way leads me to the vast and abandoned area of the former freight depot which has been thoroughly destroyed during the war. My longing for these crumbling ruins lets me feel my way through the torn-out railways, the wooden sleepers and multicoloured broken glass that garnishes the floor like a sheet of lost jewels. And the fading light of the day surrendering to night glitters upon these hidden jewels just as my quarter has surrendered to dilapidation. They can be encountered everywhere if one has the right vision for this sort of things: the jewels of decay, the real gems of the city, melancholy and ponderous as the viscous rain and the wailing of the wind in chimney stumps.

The hidden guise of decay shows itself at uncountable spots beneath the freshly roughcast facades and their bright but already flaking paint. No paint will take hold for longer than a few days at this location. Shortly after renovation, they show the first signs of corrosion, and the still moist mortar drops from the arduously plugged cracks. The grey face of dreariness fights its way through the hypocritical make-up of revival."
--Alchemy of the Abyss by Eddie M. Angerhuber 

The missing English translation by Angerhuber of the quote I used in "Eddie M. Angerhuber's Strange Visions" essay in Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls.

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